Who We Are

RISE Behavioral Health and Wellness is a private, not-for-profit facility located in Tuscola, IL. The organization was established in August 1974 as Douglas County Mental Health and Family Services, Inc. to provide accessible mental health services to the residents of Douglas County in effort to decrease referrals to state facilities and agencies outside of Douglas County. Since its inception, RISE Behavioral Health and Wellness holds the belief that all people with mental illnesses can be rehabilitated. The agency has been committed to providing quality services in a comfortable, empathic environment to persons suffering from a mental illness or emotional disturbance in effort to restore them to a higher quality of life. 

These missions and values are reflected in each service and program offered at RISE Behavioral Health and Wellness. The agency strives to empower each person to be his or her best self, provide help and assistance to those in need, and to respect themselves and others within the community. Additionally, RISE teaches the strength of hope, the power of knowledge, and the healing energy of love to each person served. Each person has the right to experience unconditional positive regard and be accepted as a person, even though there may be flaws. Through services offered, RISE strives to provide each person with the tools needed to actualize his or her dreams and understand the power of growth and support.  

Recovery is a value that is held in the upmost regard. RISE values and appreciates the journey of recovery and believes every person is able to move forward in recovery. All programs and services offered are designed to assist clients in being able to independently manage their own recovery. Since 1974, RISE has assisted people in learning about, believing in, and maintaining recovery. Services and programs offered have only expanded since the inception of RISE Behavioral Health and Wellness, and RISE continues to commit to helping the agency grow to serve members of the community while remaining firm in our values, beliefs, and mission.

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Our Values

We believe in EMPOWERMENT, allowing persons served the opportunity to take charge of their lives and recovery, where staff and consumers provide a collective strength and voice, guiding them forward in a powerful way as the carry out their objectives to positive outcomes, building confidence in their abilities to achieve results and be responsible for a better tomorrow.

We believe in HELPING OTHERS by providing outreach, advocacy, and support, knowing we are all part of humanity and that there is greater strength in numbers as persons served broaden their friendships, and move from dependence to independence by gaining focus, taking action, and reaching their goals.  

We believe in HONESTY as the backbone of the agency, which engenders trust, unity, and success, where truth, facts, and clarity have far-reaching effects as we conduct out business appropriately promoting recovery as we are true to others and ourselves. 

We believe in the strength of HOPE where things can change, motivating and inspiring persons served to move forward as they gain a sense of purpose and create a vision and positive expectation of new ways, giving persons served direction and greater sense of safety and comfort. 

We believe in the power of KNOWLEDGE as key to progress. By understanding information and having the facts, persons served can apply their learning to the issues, providing them the ability to influence and make change as they move past opinions and stigma, and use their minds as basic tools to achieve their goals. 

We believe in the healing energy of LOVE where goodwill, friendliness, and caring brings us together as we show our respect and nurture each other with compassion, contributing to unity, making change possible and bringing out the best in persons served and our agency as we better understand and support one another. 

We believe in RECOVERY, a lifelong process, that is possible as persons served grow beyond where they have been and move toward greater well-being, success, and enlightenment, embracing change, vision, and hope for the future, which strengthens persons served as they interact with society and work toward their goals with renewed purpose. 

We believe in RESPECT for one another, which strengthens our agency and allows us to work together effectively as we show and receive consideration civility, and decency in our interactions, celebrating our diversity, sharing our views, and thus earning respect for our agency as we acknowledge the dignity of each human being. 

We believe in SPIRITUALITY where mind-body-spirit connects us and provides us strength through our collective wisdom and experience, bringing our staff closer and projecting a power greater than each of us as our through and feelings guide us, resulting in greater peace, confidence, and community.